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Jackery History & Vision

We made a daring prediction 10 years ago, that the power bank will be the best solution to the issue of power shortage with mobile phones. Subsequently, we created Jackery brand and have been taking the lead in the industry.

However, as people’s lifestyles are rapidly evolving, power banks could hardly meet the demand of consumers’ increasing hunger for power supply when enjoying outdoor life, we have created and launched a new series of product – Jackery Portable Power Station, which can provide unimaginably enormous amount of ubiquitous energy for outdoor enthusiasts.

With our persistent innovations and striving for perfections, we believe that Jackery Portable Power Stations will definitely enhance consumers’ experiences with their outdoor life.

Introducing Jackery Explorer series

You live life on your own terms, using technology to go outdoors and stay connected. This requires a lot of power. A pioneer in the industry, Jackery understood mobile life-styles would require outdoor portable power stations so you can keep going, even when you go off the grid. Jackery innovation and improved technology is the only way to supply your increasing need for power outdoors. Our latest offering, Jackery Explorer, is designed to provide power outdoors. The solar-ready portable power station improves mobile living and outdoor life. Now you have the energy and power to go where you want to be. Jackery. Power Outdoors.

The Purpose of Power

We value and sponsor social outreach and others that use our power solutions to impact lives and power life forward. Jackery encourages everyone to enjoy nature and outdoor life.

Certified Quality made by Jackery

All Jackery power products have been certified to meet regulatory, safety, and environmental standards that meet or exceed market demand. We are committed to strict quality control, customer service and reliability that earns the trust of our customers.

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